Women’s Justifi Trip to Thailand

October 23 – November 4, 2022

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Participant Legal and COVID Entry Requirements

Thailand does not require a PCR test from home before traveling. Thailand does not require a visa in advance for passport holders from the US or Canada visiting for less than 30 days (see www.visahq.com to confirm your visa status). Justifi operates under Thailand’s “Test and Go Program” which means that there is no arrival quarantine. In order to qualify for this, you must:

  1. Apply for and receive the free “Thailand Pass” at least 1 week for the Trip
  2. Provide proof of complete COVID vaccination
  3. Purchase qualifying travel insurance
  4. Take a PCR test upon arrival and have pre-arranged private transportation to a certified hotel
  5. Be traveling on a round trip airline ticket

Prior to the end of the trip Justifi will schedule PCR testing through a certified laboratory to provide proof documentation enabling you to fly back home, if necessary (the testing fee is at your expense).

COVID travel policies frequently change and Thailand has already announced a phase out of restrictions beginning April 1, 2022. The responsibility for all personal travel arrangements belongs to the traveler, but Justifi closely monitors the situation and can advise and assist every step of the way.


Our 4-star hotels in Bangkok and Chiang Mai are located in safe, fun areas with a variety of restaurants, activities, and shopping in the area to explore. Accommodation is based on double occupancy and you’ll be able to request a roommate (or we can pick for you!). A true highlight of the trip will be our visit to Thailand’s remote far north Chiang Rai region and our stay at the luxurious Le Méridien Resort on the banks of the Mae Kok River. All hotels have a single-occupancy option for an additional fee.

International Flights

  1. Your outbound flight should depart the United States on Sunday, October 23 to arrive in Bangkok (airport code: BKK) on Monday, October 24 before 11pm
  2. Your return flight should depart Thursday, November 3 after 7pm from Bangkok (airport code: BKK)

Arriving in Thailand

Thailand currently has an additional $100 mandatory COVID fee for PCR testing upon arrival, private transportation from the airport, and COVID safety certification of our Bangkok hotel. Although we expect this policy to be removed in the coming months, if it is still in place for our trip Justifi will handle all of the testing, transportation and hotel arrangements.


The currency in Thailand is called the “baht” and its symbol is ฿. Currently $1.00 is approximately ฿33.00. There are ATM machines and money changers in the airport (after collecting your luggage and clearing customs). The rates they offer are reasonable. We recommend that you withdraw/change at least ฿3,300 lkj(roughly $100) to get started, but you will be able to find ATM machines throughout Thailand. International credit cards are widely accepted but there are still many shops and venues that only accept cash.

Mobile phone usage and SIM cards

Inexpensive local Thai SIM cards providing data and calls for your unlocked phone from back home can be easily purchased for $10-20 on level 1 in the Bangkok airport arrivals terminal from either the DTAC or TruMove (two leading telephone companies in Thailand). Alternatively, check with your mobile provider from home to see if it offers a special international service. There is also free wifi in the airport and everywhere we stay (quality varies!) allowing you to stay in touch with family and friends.

What’s included?

Justifi has operated 35+ trips to Thailand since 2010 so we have a deep understanding of the culture, geography, opportunities, and challenges of this important destination. Check out the Sample Itinerary to get a sense for the awesome activities and experiences on the Trip and a final itinerary will be sent out a few weeks before the Trip begins. Justifi handles all the logistics and arranges for local transportation, accommodations, cultural experiences, tours, volunteer projects, experienced guides and educators, entry fees, permits, and two or three meals each day. Except where noted below, your Program fee includes all of this!

What’s not included?

  • In addition to the Program Fee, you’ll also have these expenses:
  • Round trip flights to Thailand
  • Thailand COVID fee of $100 (unless the policy changes)
  • Emergency global medical and travel insurance that meets Thailand’s criteria
  • Tips for the local staff (suggested $100) Note: Justifi staff will collect this to distribute appropriately
  • End of trip COVID PCR test to fly home (if required)
  • An additional meal on certain days, as per the itinerary
  • Souvenir shopping, activities on your own, extra snacks and drinks, etc

These items can be booked in advance through Justifi:

  • Emergency global medical and travel insurance ($65)
  • Guaranteed Single Occupancy ($600)

Trip Extensions

Justifi can arrange a personal extension to the set itinerary for a few days before or after (or both!). Arriving a few days early is a great way to acclimate yourself after a long journey and to see additional highlights of the bustle of Bangkok. And a few days enjoying the pristine beaches of Thailand’s gorgeous southern islands of Ko Phi Phi, Phuket, or Koh Samui is a phenomenal way to pamper yourself before returning home.


What is a Justifi Trip?

Justifi is Adventure with Purpose. We provide an amazing, growth-oriented, immersive adventure to many of the world’s great destinations. Our Thailand trip starts in Bangkok, the bustling capital of Thailand and its business center. We’ll continue northward to the picturesque Chaing Mai and into the jungles of Chiang Rai. We arrange all the logistics (domestic transportation, accomodations, most meals) as well as fantastic educational experiences with Justifi staff and local Thai guides. In addition, we will learn about the human rights challenges that Thailand faces by meeting with inspirational leaders and have the opportunity to volunteer to help make a difference.

Who else will be on the trip?

An amazing group of fabulous women who want to explore Thailand, to learn about themselves, and to help improve the world, along with 2 or 3 community leaders. Some of the women know each other from our trip to India or from past Momentum trips, while others don’t know anyone else and are travelling for the first time with us. The trip will be run by the awesome Justifi staff of educators and logistical coordinators, as well as our private Thai guides and cooks.

What’s the weather?

Should be great, albeit a bit humid! High 80’s and low 90’s during the daytime with cooler evenings. Rain isn’t so common during the fall.

What do I need to pack? How much luggage can I bring?

Prior to the trip, Justifi will provide a recommended packing list but you should pack lightly and use luggage that is easy to transport (e.g., a rolling bag) as you will be responsible for your own luggage! During the trip we will be flying on domestic airlines within Thailand that have a limit of one checked suitcase per person with a maximum weight of 20kg (44 lb.) and one carry-on of 5kg (11 lb.) — Note that they are generally very strict and this is less weight than international flights permit. You are responsible for any overweight fees incurred.

Do I need an adapter and/or a convertor for my electrical plugs?

Bring your phone charger and an adapter with cables for your phone/tablet. The prongs’ shape in Thailand are round (similar to Israel). Be aware that the voltage is 220v (like in Israel and Europe) which will damage American electrical appliances that do not have the appropriate rating. If you have items that are usable only on American voltage, you must bring a step-down converter with a sufficient wattage rating and which will protect your items from the 220 voltage.

What are we going to eat? Will it be too spicy? Should I bring snacks?

The Justifi Trip provides 2 meals each day. Breakfast, will be served by our hotels and then either lunch or dinner (see the trip itinerary for details). Lunches are typically sandwiches, salads, or local Thai dishes “packed to go” while dinners are private group meals at local restaurants. The menus are a yummy combination of American, Israeli, and Thai delicacies!

Is Thailand safe? Are there security precautions?

Thailand, like many eastern countries, is generally a very warm and hospitable destination full of incredible people that hosts millions of tourists every year. Although Justifi’s Thailand itinerary avoids known problematic areas it is still important to beware of petty crimes like pickpocketing and purse snatching. We advise our participants to put their valuables in the hotel safes and watch their purses and wallets when in crowded marketplaces or tourist destinations. In addition, women in particular should not be travelling alone (especially at night).

Can I drink the water?

Generally, people do not get sick from Thai tap water but Justifi advises only drinking bottled water as a precaution. We will have regular access to purchase inexpensive, safe, clean bottled water.

Do I need vaccines?

As non-medical professionals, Justifi does not give specific medical advice. We recommend that you consult with your health care professional with regard to vaccinations. For general guidelines, check out the US government’s CDC advisory for Thailand.

Are there bugs?

You may find some critters while traveling, especially in the northern jungles. We recommend that participants use insect repellent.

What type of transportation/company will we be using to get around to the various places?

We use private, full size (i.e., 40 passenger) buses for large groups. In remote areas (i.e., the northern jungle areas) that buses can’t access we use local car/van services. Depending on the exact, final itinerary we may also take boats, the metro (light rail) and/or tuktuks (like an electric rickshaw common throughout Asia). This Thailand itinerary also includes a domestic flight.

What is the medical situation in the various cities? If someone G-d forbid is sick or breaks something which hospital facilities will be available to us?

Our policy is that Justifi staff accompany any participant requiring medical attention. We have a list of highly recommended urgent care centers / emergency rooms from our local partners for each destination.

Who will be on the ground from Justifi during the trip? How many people? and how many local tour guides as well?

Justifi will be sending 2-3 of our educational and logistics staff. We also have local Thai staff for catering, logistics, and guiding that will join us.

What will we do on Shabbat?

We’ll be in the northern city of Chiang Mai for Shabbat. Friday night we’ll have a beautiful candle lighting and private Shabbat dinner at the hotel with sharing and bonding as a group. Saturday will be a free day to explore Chiang Mai and partake in its many activities on your own. For those interested, on Saturday morning there will also be an opportunity to join the local Chabad for Shabbat lunch to meet the many Israeli backpackers that it hosts.

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